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Addie Benson

Thank you Living Word for the most wonderful send-off we received back in December! It was truly a surprise; our hearts were made glad and we are grateful to God for all the love shown.

We're slowly getting settled in, Deacon Benson is working hard and I'm doing my best to stay warm. It's very chilly here! We're still new at quite a few things; but God provided us with really great hospitality and family upon our arrival here at USAG Humphreys through Brother Ron & Sister Kim Bufford! They are some wonderful people.

We send special thanks to the LWIM Men and Women Ministries; the Transportation Ministry, the Deacons, the Staff and most of all our Pastors - Bishop Clarence & Pastor Melony Williams!

We will stay in touch, and we are grateful for LiveStream - it is a great blessing during the transition.

Finally, we send a very special thank you to Deacon Clay Weekes - he met us at the airport and was with us until we boarded the plane. Wow!

Give our love to the entire LWIM Family.

Blessings and much love,
Deacons Reginald and Adelene Benson

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