War Month Prayer and Fasting


"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

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Theme: Possessing

The Lord is calling Living Word International Ministries to turn the tide on the spirit of darkness. This will be a time of repentance, rebirthing, and refreshing for Living Word and the Covenant Fellowship. It is time to go on the attack against the powers of darkness and spiritual wickedness. It is time to shake the darkness and disrupt the devil's programs; a time to lock down our cities against the powers of darkness and possess everything God has spoken to us. This is wartime, a time to mobilize the church and Covenant Fellowship to prayer and fasting. This will be a time of true repentance, consecration to the Lord our God, and financial breakthrough as we go on the offense, push back the kingdom of darkness, and place a demand on our inheritance.

  • We will fast each day from 6am until 12noon.
  • We will end each day's fast with Holy Communion.
  • We will gather at the sanctuary every Wednesday evening at 7pm and every Saturday morning at 8am for corporate prayer.
  • We will not gather for prayer on Saturday, October 30th.
  • We will connect daily on the prayer call at 5:30am except on Saturdays and Sundays. The Prayer Line is 712-770-4160, and the Access Code is 889066#.
  • We will have 12:00 Midnight Prayer at the sanctuary on Friday night, October 29th. It will be streamed live (CST).
  • We will close out the fast on Sunday, October 31st with Holy Communion and presenting a special offering to the Lord. This will be a day of exuberant celebration of God's goodness, mercy, and kindness, as we close out with high praise, worship, dancing, banners, etc.

Additional Notes:

  • The daily Fast will consist of drinking water only.
  • Time zones are CST for the prayer calls but local time when fasting.
  • If taking medication, please consult your doctor
  • Use the links at the bottom of the page to view the prayers (you can also download them if you prefer).

 Praying and fasting are godly principles that are very relevant and necessary for the body of Christ. The chief aim is not to highlight deprivation, but rather humility, dedication, and consecration to our heavenly Father by becoming sensitive to the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit and the spirit realm, pushing back the powers of darkness, and breaking demonic strongholds. Through fasting we humble ourselves and submit our wills to God. Subsequently, we experience tremendous breakthroughs including freedom from bondages and sin, restoration and healing, financial release, spiritual growth, and so much more!

During this time of praying and fasting, here are a few things to implement into your daily routine for receiving the best results. If you find yourself struggling at times, a good practice would be to watch teachings and testimonials of the powerful benefits of and breakthroughs from fasting.

  • Begin to seek the Holy Scriptures to learn more about the person of the Holy Spirit. The Book of Acts would be a great place to start.
  • Deliberately separate yourself from ungodly and unwholesome influences.
  • Make time for God every day by withdrawing from your normal routines and seeking His heart through prayer and reading His Word.
  • Pray in your spiritual language throughout the day. If you have not received the gift of praying in other tongues, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you during this time.
  • Let this be a time of consecration to Your Heavenly Father by limiting or avoiding, when possible, computers, time spent on the phone with family and friends, watching television, electronic gaming, listening to secular music, and all forms of entertainment and social media.
  • Confess your sins. As you fast, repent and allow God to show you what is in your heart and any actions, attitudes, or characteristics that are not pleasing to Him.
  • Spend much time building your Spirit man versus building your carnal man, particularly by spending time in God's presence and meditating on His Word.
  • Speak the Word of God over your family, health, finances, situations, and circumstances. There is great power in decreeing the promises of God.
  • Worship, worship, worship! Be passionate about vertical worship to Your Heavenly Father during your time of fasting. Set aside time to permeate the atmosphere with praise, worship, and adoration to your Creator.

Prayers for Month of War

Prayer for Israel

Prayer for Breaking Demonic Strongholds and Curses

Prayer for Spiritual Growth and Maturity

Prayer for Supernatural Breakthrough

Prayer of Renunciation

Prayer of Repentance

Prayer to Break Generational Curses

Prayer to Live a Life of Obedience

Prayer to Remain Focused

Prayer to Live Victoriously Through Christ

Prayer to Be an Overcomer

Prayer to Live a Life of Faith

Prayer for Victory Over our Enemies

Prayer for Marriages

Prayer for LWIM and its Members

Prayer for Divine Safety and Protection

Prayer of the Cross

Prayer Over Tithes and Offerings

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