Here at LWIM we offer a variety of ministries to meet the needs of the LWIM family, the community, and the operational needs of the ministry. Our desire is to see individuals and families restored to Kingdom living and live victorious and prosperous lives. This goal can only be reached by meeting the needs of the individuals and families holistically - Spirit, Soul, and Body. Whether it is through group ministries such as the Veterans and Men's ministries or ministries like the Entrepreneurs ministry we seek to help people to become vital and productive members of the home, church, and community.

We have also committed to reaching our community through outreach ministries like the Junction City Caring Place and the Evangelism ministry. Here are some of the ministries that are currently available: 



  • ADMINISTRATION - Helping in the main office area; answering the phones, greeting visitors, filing, and assisting the staff with day-to-day operations.
  • AUDIO - Provides logistical support and maintenance checks of all audio equipment to ensure quality sound and production during worship services, conferences, and other special events.
  • CHILDREN'S MINISTRY - see Youth Ministry
  • ENTREPRENEUR - Equipping members of Living Word International Ministries with the educational tools needed for a successful and prosperous business by providing effective tips and strategies for current and future business owners.
  • EVANGELISM - Sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through outreach programs and ministries, including visiting the local correctional and detention facilities and county jails, and reaching out into the local community by displaying the love and compassion of Jesus, the Christ.
  • GROUNDS AND MAINTENANCE - Caring for the building and grounds of LWIM by providing cultivation and landscaping of the grounds, building maintenance, structure repairs, and carpentry work.  
  • HARVEST - Servicing the Kingdom of God and LWIM by providing new Believers and those who join the ministry with information pertaining to the decisions they have just made.  This entails providing them with the next steps to their spiritual growth and becoming grounded in their new faith.  This is also where their connection to the ministry begins, and every effort is made to ensure their needs are met and any questions answered.
  • HOSPITALITY - Plan, organize and provide food, drinks, gifts, and service in a friendly, hospitable manner to all members, visitors and guests of LWIM with a high standard of excellence.
  • HOUSEKEEPING - Caretakers who provide the upkeep of LWIM by ensuring the facility is kept clean and in a Spirit of Excellence at all times.
  • JUNCTION CITY CARING PLACE - A faith-based, non-profit organization that provides free clothing, food, and medical assistance to the Junction City community as a means of empowering individuals for victorious living. Junction City Caring Place
  • MEDIA/BROADCASTING - Providing logistical support to ensure effective visuals and production during worship services, conferences, and other special events.
  • MEMBER CARE - Providing compassion, guidance and encouragement to members of LWIM and their families.  Individuals pray for and visit the sick and shut-in; provide comfort and care to spouses and families of deployed soldiers; and take care of the needs of families during times of bereavement.
  • MEN'S MINISTRY - Serves to build strong and confident men of God through monthly fellowships that enhance spiritual growth and development, build unity and cohesiveness among the men of LWIM, and promote spiritual maturity and leadership in their roles as husbands, fathers,and leaders. Men's Ministry
  • MINISTRY OF ARTS (Choir, Praise Team, Dance, Drama, Musician) - Faithful and dedicated people of God who are anointed to minister before the Lord in song, dance, and drama, and on musical instruments of all sorts with the goal of creating an atmosphere of worship and praise that will attract the presence of God in every service.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - Capturing memorable moments during worship services, conferences, and other special events for use on websites and in LWIM publications.
  • PRAYER - Individuals who have committed to serve as gap-standers in prayer for LWIM, the community, and the nation.  They are the frontline warriors who are first to be called upon in battle for the needs of the ministry and its pastors.  This is the most essential ministry to the success and advancement of Kingdom business at LWIM.
  • SECURITY - Provide a safe and secure environment for the people of God and the House of God by being cognizant of the surroundings in order to minimize the disruption of worship services. A background check is required.
  • TECHNOLOGY - Providing the technical needs of LWIM to ensure the effective operation, reception, and transmittal of information throughout the ministry. 
  • TRANSPORTATION - Providing safe transportation for LWIM members, visitors, and special guests during worship services and special events.  A valid driver's license is required.
  • USHERS AND GREETERS - Ensuring that every member, visitor, and guest who enters the doors of LWIM feel special, and unconditionally loved.
  • VETERANS - Building awareness of the many services available to Veterans of LWIM and their families by providing ways to help keep them connected to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • WOMEN'S MINISTRY - Designed to encourage and inspire women to enjoy life, their families, and each other, and to be confident and successful in their respective roles as wives, mothers, sisters and daughters.  It serves as an outlet for married and single women in the ministry and community, as they receive wisdom and knowledge on how to build strong, godly relationships while honoring God daily in their attitude and spirit. Women's Ministry
  • WORD OF LIFE (MEDIA) - Handles the production and sale of Living Word International Ministries CDs and DVDs from recorded teachings and sermons, and the sale of LWIM books and publications.
  • YOUTH - The Ablaze Ministry is committed to making disciples of Christ by empowering our young believers to live for Jesus, share His gospel and serve Him with all their heart. Youth Ministry
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